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n-o-b-o-d-y says

I'm done with thinking that excludes as much as it pretends to include. I can no longer increment on the ideas of others. I no longer want to have heroes. I want to move past such desperate distinctions. I want to find hinges to break and in breaking acknowledge the false hope of unity, and as a byproduct, reveal it for the power move it always was. I am a challenge not a victory. I don't see success. I don't fail. When the wind blows I lean, I take flight. I am not the sum of opportunities. I don't recognize your authorities. I love inconsistency. I will not succumb to victory. I don't reference my way to power. I will to move. I trust first. I learn and adapt. I don't (have a) master. I see patterns and draw conclusions, but I don't build those conclusions into edifying structures or weapons. I no longer accept hierarchies, especially those built from above. I wander between subjectivity and objectivity with ease, knowing both to be useful while recognizing both as entirely false. I know that a boundary is a kind of violent, protective gesture. I am fine with a lack of rigor, thank  you. I appreciate instinct but will not be defined by it. I appreciate intelligence but will not be defined by it. I appreciate definition but will not be held to it and accept it will change. I appreciate strategy but operate tactically although not as a rule. I don't need another manifesto. I am nobody and nothing. I am not waiting for your feedback or permission.