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The year that wasn't

Posted by jason Christie on

I need to thank the contributors to the first two issues of this here zine for their patience and perseverance. Due to the pressures associated with the global pandemic, I found it impossible to focus on the things I wanted to do.

My time, such as it was, felt entirely committed to surviving the mental, physical, and psychological fatigue of enduring a pandemic and the incredibly unstable situation in the United States. I've never been the kind of person to turn my anxiety into productivity, instead anxiety drains and disperses my energy.

Additionally, we have two young kids who need all of the time and attention we have. Their own anxieties and the pressures associated with the pandemic were also a large part of what slowed everything down. During the writing of this very short post I've had to change the show they were watching, turn off my own music, make popcorn, make lunch, clean up spilled popcorn, change a diaper, and clean up the lunch mess. 

I have no doubt all of this, everything that is going on in the world, is also affecting all of you. We are all nobodies in the face of a great leveller like a virus. We are united in our struggles and pain, and as silly as it sounds, through the magic of the internet, I don't feel as alone knowing you are all out there going through it all too.